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Teaching Independent Behavior With Activity Schedules To Children With Autism

October 12, 2012   

How To'sLife SkillsTherapy & TreatmentApplied Behavior Analysis (ABA) & Verbal Behavior (VB);

This informative downloadable PowerPoint presentation was created by Diane Berger of the Berger Learning Group, as an introduction to using activity schedules for individuals on the Autism Spectrum. A clear and concise definition of activities schedules is followed by an explanation of why they are so ideal for promoting independence and teaching individuals who have Autism. Actual examples illustrate some of the many uses for activity schedules and two sample data sheets are provided as well.

While this particular presentation depicts examples of print-based activity schedules, the concepts illustrated in it can easily be applied to a digital-based system using an iPad, ipod Touch or similar device, in conjunction with an app like TalkRocket Go.