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FREE Interactive Lessons Teach Valuable Life Skills To Individuals With Autism

October 22, 2012   By The Everyday Life Project

Life Skills

The Everyday Life project is a unique and invaluable resource for individuals on the Autism Spectrum.

Interactive lessons enable individuals to learn important skills at their own pace, including:

  • using an ATM
  • making a deposit at a bank
  • getting cash back in a store
  • filling out a time sheet
  • grocery shopping
  • checking a receipt while shopping
  • measuring
  • mixing food ingredients
  • baking
  • filling a prescription at a pharmacy
  • paying at a store using a debit card
  • barbecue safety
  • establishing an emergency fire plan
  • using a bus or subway map
  • utilizing the classified
  • completing a job application
  • using a ending machine
  • counting change
  • understanding stamp values
  • reading labels
  • counting pills
  • understanding HIV/AIDS
  • dealing with phone nubers
  • using a microwave
  • paying bills
  • telling time,
  • organizing tax documents