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FREE Downloadable Toolkit On Behavioral Health Treatments For Autism

June 22, 2012   

Therapy & TreatmentApplied Behavior Analysis (ABA) & Verbal Behavior (VB);

Behavioral challenges are a common problem for children with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Many children with ASD show too much of certain behaviors such as aggression or not following directions and too little of other behaviors such as communication or social skills.

This toolkit is designed to provide parents of children with ASD with an overview of in-home strategies as well as tips to teach and increase desirable behaviors and decrease behavior problems. This tool kit also provides parents with an overview of professional behavioral treatments that families can seek out from qualified professionals.

This kit provides helpful tips for increasing appropriate behavior at home and suggests various effective ways of reinforcing or rewarding appropriate behavior.

Problematic behaviors are addressed and steps are offered on how to properly conduct a "time-out".

A strategy utilized by professional behaviorists is outlined which relies upon the ABCs of a child's behavior: the antecedent, behavior and the consequence.

A Frequently Asked Questions section addresses many concerns shared by parents of children on the Autism Spectrum who deal with challenging behaviors.

Finally, the kit provides a list of list of helpful online resources parents can access to learn more about behavioral health treatments and access related services.

The Autism Speaks "An Introduction to Behavioral Health Treatments" Toolkit can be downloaded here.