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FREE Downloadable Toolkit On Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) For Autism

June 22, 2012   

Therapy & TreatmentApplied Behavior Analysis (ABA) & Verbal Behavior (VB);

This toolkit published by Autism Speaks is an especially wonderful resource for parents new to the world of Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). 

It begins by providing some basic definitions and descriptions of Applied Behavior Analysis. The kit then delves into some of the different types of therapies that fall under the umbrella of ABA: 

  • discrete trial learning;
  • incidental teaching;
  • verbal behavior;
  • pivotal response training; and
  • natural language paradigm.

After briefly defining and describing these methodologies, the kit explains how ABA methods support individuals with Autism and answers the question "Will ABA Benefit My Child".

Next, the kit identifies and describes the components of a strong ABA program:

  • supervision;
  • training;
  • programming;
  • functional programming;
  • data collection;
  • family training; and
  • team meetings.

Other important questions are then addressed including:

  • Who Provides ABA Services?
  • Where is ABA Therapy Provided?
  • How do I obtain ABA Services?

In closing, this kit provides some resources for parents to visit for further information and support regarding ABA and evidence-based treatments.

Download the Autism Speaks ABA Toolkit here.