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FREE Download To Give To Your Dental Office!

March 6, 2012   By Brenda Kosky Deskin

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Thanks, AutismSpeaks, for another wonderful resource! This handy toolkit can be downloaded, printed and then handed to your dentist or simply emailed directly to his or her office.

This invaluable manual begins by explaining what Autism is, what the relevant dental issues can be for an individual on the Autism Spectrum, and what behavioral concerns one could possibly expect. It then proceeds to explain what each and every staff member's role in a dental office is from the front desk check-in staff, to the dental assistant, hygienist and the dentist him or herself.

Helpful densitization techniques are explained, as is the importance of voice control, positive verbal reinforcement and sensory techniques. The use of social stories, visual schedules and many other helpful tips and pieces of advice, far too numerous to mention, are provided in this amazing kit that will hopefully make its way into dental offices everywhere!