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Asperger Syndrome And High Functioning Autism Tool Kit – FREE Download!

June 14, 2012   By Autism Speaks

AutismAspergers Syndrome;

Autism Speaks has assembled this comprehensive Aspergers toolkit that you can download here, free of charge. The kit is conveniently broken down into the following topics:

  • Introduction, Symptoms and Causes
  • List of Strengths and Challenges

  • Executive Functioning and Theory of Mind

  • Diagnostic Overview

  • How are AS and HFA Different?

  • You, Your Family and AS/HFA
Interventions and Treatment Options

  • AS/HFA and the Classroom

  • Transitioning into Adulthood
Resources by Topic

  • Safety Tips

  • Action Plan for the Next 100 Days

  • Useful Forms

  • Useful Books and Websites