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Showcase your Autism-related product or service on AutismBeacon & our vast social media network

Benefits of being an AutismBeacon Sponsor:

  • Access a highly targeted niche audience comprised of Autism parents, family members & professionals, plus those who themselves are on the Autism Spectrum
  • Attract prospective customers and clients who are actively searching for the exact products and services you are offering with our unique interface that methodically organizes information by topic (e.g. toileting, sleep, etc.)

What does a monthly Sponsorship Package include?

  • One 315 x 615 or longer Sponsorship Box on AutismBeacon, in one of many placement options (subject to availability)
    Current analytics: 12,000+ visitors per month and growing


For each and every month that you are a Sponsor, you'll get:

  • One 403x403 custom-made graphic post, linked to your website, on AutismBeacon's Facebook Page
    Current analytics: 12,000+ "Reach"/month; 8,250+ Likes and growing
  • One Autism-hashtagged Tweet, linked to your website, on AutismBeacon's Twitter Page
    Current analytics: 1,200+ Followers and growing
  • One 403x403 custom-made graphic "Pin", linked to your website, on AutismBeacon's Pinterest Page
    Current analytics: 10,000+ impressions per month; 980+ followers and growing
  • One post, linked to your website, on AutismBeacon's LinkedIn Page
    Current analytics: 460+ connections and growing

Note: graphics, posts and tweets will be original every month!

Sponsorship Box Placement Options:

Sponsorship Box placements on are limited and are therefore subject to availability. They are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Note: Prices subject to change at any time. All prices are before applicable taxes and in Canadian dollars. Currency conversion will be done automatically in the invoicing process. You will be given your final total including any applicable taxes once we contact you for payment. Payments can be made by check, Visa, Mastercard & for Canadian advertisers, Interac Transfer.
AutismBeacon Sponsorship Placements

(click each for an example)

Price Per Month Price Per Year

(get 1 month free!)

A specific Category or Subcategory page $100 $1,100
The Article Archives page $100 $1,100
A specific blog page $150 not available
The Blog Index page $300 $3,300
All Latest Headline pages that have external links $400 $4,400
The Home page $400 $4,400

Included in all Sponsorship Packages:

  • complete design and layout services
  • option of including a video in your Autism Beacon Sponsorship Box(see for example, Eden II Programs' Sponsorship Box)
  • hyperlinked text and images in your Sponsorship Box, linking to your website, Facebook page or site or your choice

Who can be an AutismBeacon Sponsor?

Sponsorships are reserved for those products and services that we feel are in keeping with our philosophy and approach to Autism. We reserve the right to refuse any sponsorships that we do not feel are appropriate. 

Contact us to see if you could be an AutismBeacon Sponsor.