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Ten Gift Ideas For Autism Therapists And Teachers

November 15, 2012   Comments (0)

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They wipe our kids' noses and bums, get pinched – or worse – without batting an eyelash, and won't hesitate to belt out the chorus of a Barney song in the middle of a busy supermarket. So what can we get this Holiday Season for these unsung heroes – our children's therapists – to express to them our most sincere sense of gratitude for their ongoing patience and dedication to our children?

Like most Autism Families, we are not in a position to spend gobs of money on these gifts and buy what each and every one of these wonderful individuals truly deserves. However, I've come up with some ideas that I hope have gotten the message across that we do so very greatly value and appreciate them...

1) Autism jewelry

autism awareness, jewelry, jewellery, autistic, christmas, gift ideasautism awareness, bracelet






Spoiler alert for my therapists! About a week ago, I came up with the idea of giving jewelry. Searching on Etsy, one of my favorite websites that features unique handmade crafts and works of art, it didn't take long before I narrowed down my search to the beautiful Autism-themed pieces of I Candy Crystals. I quickly discovered that the owner/artist, Tia, is also an Autism Mom. So, I went ahead and placed my order. I get great gifts for my therapists (I ordered one for myself and one for my other son, Noah too!), help to raise Autism awareness, and support another Autism Mom... talk about your win-win-win situation!

Tia has generously offered 10% off everything on her site to AutismBeacon readers so be sure to enter the Promotion Code BEACON10 to get your discount!

CLICK HERE TO ORDER TODAY & Spread Holiday Cheer and Autism Awareness!

2) Framed picture and momento

gift, therapists, autismI know it's cliché, but a picture is worth a thousand words, so what better way to express your gratitude than with an awesome picture of your therapist and your child! How about accompanying it with something that your child has earned or produced under the tutelage of his therapist like his hand-written name or a swimming certificate? Get creative!

3) A massage

Hunching over to teach a child how to ride a bike, sitting cross-legged on the floor every day or working on the latest muscle-strengthening exercises prescribed by the Occupational Therapist can make even the youngest and fittest person's body ache. A rejuvinating message is a special treat in which many therapists who are often students on tight budgets, would otherwise not indulge.

4) Spa time

Another pampering treat is a spa treatment like a manicure, pedicure or facial. Giving these special people some "me time" will always be appreciated!

5) iTunes card

itunes gift card, itunes card, autism, present ideas, christmas present ideasWhile perhaps lacking in originality, an iTunes gift card offers lots of flexibility for therapists to enjoy their favorite music, movies and apps.

6) Travel mug and coffee cards

It seems that maintaining high levels of caffeine is a must for the busy people who work for my son while at the same time keeping up with their studies. They love their coffee so they've gotten a lot of great use from the travel mugs and coffee cards I've given in years past.

7) Homemade cookies and treats

cookies, christmas gift ideas, autismA gift from the heart is a freshly baked batch of chocolate chip cookies. Many of my son's therapists are university students who live away from their families so they are especially appreciative of anything home-cooked! Find some pretty tins at your local dollar store and fill them with love!

8) A team meal

Either take your team out to a restaurant, or invite the entire gang to your house for a home-cooked meal. Either way, they'll have a nice time socializing with each other and your family... something they don't often get the opportunity to do as they're usually "on duty" when all together. 

9) A USB flashdrive

usb flash driveusb flash driveWhether it's a basketball or blinged, a USB flashdrive is always a handy device for those on the move who need their data with them at all times.

10) Something personal

Especially if your child's therapists work in your home, you get to know them quite well. Think about what their hobbies are. Buy a knitter a knitting needle case, a baker a new cookbook, a Yankees fan a baseball cap. That personal touch is a gesture that is sure to be appreciated.


November 15, 2012   Comments (0)

Advocacy & Awareness Clothing and Accessories General Interest

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