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How small, cheap electronics can give big peace of mind for people with Autism

December 7, 2011   Comments (0)

Autism Diagnosis Safety Safety Around The Home Wandering & Bolting Travel

In the spirit of what this website is all about… providing hands-on, relevant information, practical tips and advice to parents and caregivers of people with Autism, I’d like to share with you how some cheap little gadgets have been been indispensable to me and my family in helping us ensure Michael’s safety and wellbeing.

One of the biggest struggles that we, as parents and caregivers of kids with Autism face on a day-to-day basis is ensuring that the loved ones in our care are safe and closely monitored. The repercussions of smaller incidents, like scarfing down a dozen cookies while you’re back is turned, pale in comparison to the consequences of a person with Autism leaving his bedroom in the middle of the night, or worse, wandering away from your home or hotel room, without your knowledge. Many of our kids need 24-7 supervision, yet we have dinners to make, other kids to tend to, and countless other tasks that may call us out of the room from time to time.

A great solution that we have found to address these small and not-so small temptations that can lead Michael into potential trouble are the small, battery-operated wireless alarm devices that you can pick up inexpensively online or at your local hardware store.

I’ve used these little alarms on everything from our breadbox to a hotel room door. Rather than use the metal screws that come with the devices, I often affix Velcro® to the backs of each component so they can be easily removed. For family vacations, I always pack our trusty little alarm kit which is comprised of:

  • two or three alarms
  • extra batteries
  • Velcro®
  • small foldable scissors

The Electronic Door Stop Alarm is another fabulous find that can be used on a hotel room door or even the door to your home’s furnace room, where dangerous tools and chemicals are stored.

While these devices can be incredibly helpful, take note that nothing replaces a close, watchful eye. Electronic devices are not 100% reliable and should be used with this in mind. Furthermore, devices like this can be easily switched off and while my son has not realized this, others may so this too should be considered in your ongoing pursuit to create a safe environment for the person with Autism in your life.


December 7, 2011   Comments (0)

Autism Diagnosis Safety Safety Around The Home Wandering & Bolting Travel

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