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Inventor Looking For People With Autism To Test Pressure-Jacket Prototype

December 18, 2012   Comments (0)

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After writing my blog about pressure devices that help relieve stress and anxiety in some individuals on the Autism Spectrum, I became connected with an individual named James Teh. James is the founder of T.Ware, a Singapore-based company that has invented a jacket that simulates hugs. 

From the outside, the T.Jacket really looks like any other light-weight coat. But don't be fooled. The jacket's interior features a high-tech vest that can be inflated to apply pressure of varying degrees to the shoulders, stomach and back. What's even more impressive is that these pressure adjustments are made with an Android smartphone. Teh is aiming to have iPad and iPhone apps released shortly as well.

"Feedback thus far has been extremely promising," states James of the success the T.Jacket has already experienced in Singapore. "We are now ready to introduce our product to the rest of the world and are welcoming feedback from parents, professionals and people with Autism themselves, if they are able. After all, who knows better about what will and will not work than our end-users?" he states.

Since my son is such a pressure-seeker, we are very excited to be one of the first product testers in North America. Our experiences and feedback however, aren't enough so I have offered to help James by recruiting more individuals to help him test out and offer feedback on this intriguing new invention.

So, if you have Autism and find that pressure helps alleviate your stress and anxiety, or if you are the parent, therapist or caregiver of a person on the Spectrum, this could be a one-of-a-kind opportunity to not only have a rare sneak-peak at an extremely innovative device, but to actually be part of a team that will together modify and improve this device, thereby improving the quality of life for countless people with Autism in the future.

To learn more about becoming a product tester for the T.Jacket, send an email to T.Ware at, telling them a bit about the end-user you have in mind and how you feel you could make a valuable contribution to their product. As the T.Jacket is currently only Android-compatible, only those with Android devices can be considered as product testers during this testing phase.

NOTE FROM BRENDA/Feb. 5, 2013: The creators of T.Jacket have informed me that they are no longer looking for testers as they have been overwhelmed by applications from readers. They asked me to thank those that volunteered and have promised to keep all of us up to date as they continue refining the T.Jacket in preparation for its ultimate market launch.

December 18, 2012   Comments (0)

Therapy & Treatment Occupational & Sensory Therapy

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