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10 Ways To Spread Autism Awareness on April 2nd

March 1, 2013   Comments (0)

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With World Autism Awareness Day less than a month away, it's time for all of us to start thinking about how we can do our part to Light It Up Blue. Here are some suggestions that will hopefully get those creative juices flowing so that when April 2nd rolls around, you'll be ready!

1) Set up your own fundraising page on Autism Speak's I just created mine in less than two minutes and it couldn't have been easier!


2) Let your hands to the talking with an Autism manicure! Get creative with polish or order these fun nail decals in time for the big day!


3) Post, Tweet & Share. Social Media is a great way to spread the word about this important day!


4) Light it up - literally! You can buy blue lightbulbs at your local Home Depot and proceeds from your purchase will go to Autism Speaks!

5) Ask everyone at your school or office to donate $5 to Autism Speaks and show their support by wearing blue on April 2nd..
6) How about trying something edible like this awesome Autism awareness cake. It's not as difficult as you may think... check out this free online tutorial and give it a go!
7) Wear or give Autism Awareness jewelry and clothing. Do a search on the craft site, Etsy, under the word "Autism" for some unique items like this bracelet, that will help you spread the word beautifully!
8) Offer to do a brief talk about Autism at your local community center, special interest club or place of workshop, or submit a brief article to their website or newsletter.
9) Get political. Make an appointment to visit your local politicians to educate them about Autism and get them on board to support important reforms. For tools and resources to support your advocacy efforts, visit AutismVotes.
10) Stay informed. Visit regularly and sign up for our mailing list to keep current on Autism-related news, treatment and advocacy.

March 1, 2013   Comments (0)

Advocacy & Awareness Advocacy Advice Advocacy Initiatives & Resources

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