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10+ Resources To Help You Find The Best Autism Apps

June 13, 2012   Comments (0)

Technology iPad, iPhone & Apps


ipad, autism, autistic, appsThe iPad has been an absolute life-saver for my son, Michael, and countless other individuals on the Autism Spectrum. It has empowered him to learn, communicate and appropriately and independently entertain himself, while at the same time enabling our entire family to do family things like eat at a restaurant, take a vacation or see a movie – as a family!

While I'm certainly by no means complaining about the myriad of choices available on the App Store for individuals with Autism, I must admit that it can sometimes be overwhelming. As I suspect I'm not the only one who feels this way, I've put together a list of resources and websites that I think have done a great job of weeding through all of the Apps out there and finding the ones that best meet the needs of individuals with Autism.

Appy Summer of Fun and Learning

By Technology in Education, it organizes apps by "Free Apps", "Apps for IEPs", and "App Deals". It even offers a specific link for "Apps for Autism".

Autism Speaks' Apps for Autism

A comprehensive list assembled by our friends at Autism Speaks.

Top 10 AAC iPhone and iPad Apps Under $30

Some extremely reasonably priced Augmentative Communiction apps discovered by Autism Plugged In.

Apps For Children with Special Needs

They are also giving away 40 iPads!

Moms With Apps

A collaborative group of family-friendly developers seeking to promote quality apps for kids and families

Teachers With Apps

While not specifically for Autism, has some fantastic options and was co-founded by a special education teacher.

iPad Apps for Autism: A Spreadsheet of Reviews and Recommendations

Provided by Squidalicious, the site of an Autism Mom

A List of Apps for Social Skills and Autism Spectrum Disorders

Created by Jessica Chase, Speech and Language Therapist, Consonantly Speaking

Monster List of Apps for People with Autism

As its title suggests, it's a biggie! Also provides links to respective Apps' reviews.

Autism Apps

An actual App itself, it suggests other Apps for Autism.


Keep that feedback coming! I've got more to add to the list...

Apps for Special Education

A List by the Spectronics Consultancy Team

8 Gluten-Free Mobile Software Applications

Includes cookbooks and interactive restaurant databases

Gluten App Reviews

Reviews the top-10 free iPhone apps for gluten-free eating

Complete Guide To Educational And Special Needs Apps

An extremely comprehensive site, with apps organized under categories and even subcategories

June 13, 2012   Comments (0)

Technology iPad, iPhone & Apps

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